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SubjectRe: Osman is cheap! Reply to this message
Posted bylux_92886
Posted on08/11/05 09:40 PM

> > But Strider is still the original.
> >
> > -Prophet-
> > www.retrogames.com
> >
> Not to mention that Strider has a more fair gameplay setup. In many areas of the
> game, Osman simply feels cheap. Why do I have to hit the boss 80 times to kill
> him, or even 5 or 6 times for a regular enemy. I realize Osman doesn't use a
> weapon (as compared to Striders laser(?) sword) but it would still be nice if
> there was some additional range, power or diversity of the attacks...
> The bullets and other projectiles that cause damage are also alot harder to
> avoid. Overall, I dont think the game would be possible to finish on a credit
> the same way Strider can be. (I havent tried other difficulty settings yet -
> just the default) To me that seperates a well balanced game from a simple
> quarter muncher / button masher. Granted, Osman does have some depth... but the
> game isn't deep enough for me to figure out how to finish it on 25 cents.
> The graphics are nice, ya.... but overall with Strider the sprites are larger
> and animate just as fluidly as Osman which is a few years newer. I also perfer
> the Strider score as opposed to the music I cant even remember in Osman.
> And yes, Strider is still the original and will be in my memory long after Osman
> simply becomes 6 megs of used diskspace. (Absolutely no insult to Haze or
> Mamedev for their astounding developments that made these comments possible - I
> have never seen and will never expect to see a working Osman arcade machine in
> my lifetime)
> The game is ok, but its really just a shadow of its big brother... too bad we
> never saw a 'real' Strider 2.
> Mame On!

You can play the "real" Strider 2 in ZiNc ;).

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