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SubjectVICE 1.17 Reply to this message
Posted bywildcat
Posted on10/11/05 03:56 AM


* Changes in VICE 1.17

** General

- Compiling for QNX 6.x works now (binary package is available).

- Binary packages for Solaris machines are available.

** C64 changes

- Added full GeoRAM memory expansion support with sizes from 64KB to

- Added full RamCart memory expansion support.

- Added full +60K memory expansion support.

- Correct REU values after reset.

** C128 changes

- Added full GeoRAM memory expansion support with sizes from 64KB to

- Added RamCart memory expansion support without the read-only option.

- Fixed some C64 mode bugs.

- Correct REU values after reset.

** Unix changes

- New dutch translation.

- Language support has been extended to include commandline-options.

- BSD platform problems with using the sounduss and soundsun driver
have been fixed.

- Problems compiling with older versions of libpng have been fixed.

- Problems with MAXPATHLEN and PATH_MAX when compiling have been

- New ALSA sound driver.

- Fixed some compile errors if GCC4 is used.

- Added support for more analog joysticks.

** MS-Windows changes

- Added international language support (experimental, disabled for

- The Wine Resource Compiler is now required to compile using gcc for
proper international language support.

- Added support for recent ffmpeg libraries.

- Fixed some directory lister bug.

** MS-DOS changes

- Added ethernet support using the wattcp stack and libpcap library.

** Miscellaneous changes

- Compiling without C++ or ReSID works now.

- Added support for more 3rd party basic extenders to petcat.

- Userport RS232 emulation should work as expected now.