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SubjectCPS3 -nt- Reply to this message
Posted bySatsuNoHiTo
Posted on11/02/05 07:06 PM


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*What's would you like to see emulated still?  IceMan11/02/05 07:29 AM
.*Re: Irem M92/M72 perfected and STV [nt]  Iron Man11/03/05 01:55 PM
..*Only one game NIGHTSLASHERERZ!?  doyouwanthegreat11/04/05 10:14 AM
.*I thought one of Gens or Kega Fusion finally got Virtua Racing emu'd ok... -nt-  RomGirl11/02/05 10:41 PM
..*32X version yeah  IceMan11/03/05 04:14 AM
.*Re: What's would you like to see emulated still?  VmprHntrD11/02/05 09:52 PM
..*And I want N64 netplay on the Xbox -nt-  Marv11/03/05 03:23 AM
.*perfected SNES emulation *nt*  Pr3tty F1y11/02/05 07:10 PM
..*isn't that the goal of bsnes? -nt-  RoushiMSX11/05/05 09:56 AM
...*NIGHTSLASHERERZ!? and SVCproherpes 2 n teee  doyouwanthegreat11/06/05 01:32 PM
..*What's up with it -nt-  finaldave11/04/05 06:00 PM
...*FX chip polygons need to be ported to Direct3D. -nt-  SatsuNoHiTo11/04/05 06:56 PM
....*...because they stress your system too much or what exactly? -nt- lol  RomGirl11/05/05 00:25 AM
....*Re: FX chip polygons need to be ported to Direct3D. -nt-  finaldave11/04/05 09:31 PM
.....*Re: FX chip polygons need to be ported to Direct3D. -nt-  R. Belmont11/04/05 11:21 PM
.*GTI Club  finaldave11/02/05 07:10 PM
..*Re: GTI Club  RoushiMSX11/02/05 10:12 PM
...*Re: GTI Club  finaldave11/04/05 04:05 PM
....*Re: GTI Club  RoushiMSX11/05/05 09:12 AM
....*Re: GTI Club  Goblin11/04/05 04:15 PM
...*HOTD  IceMan11/03/05 04:20 AM
....*Re: HOTD  finaldave11/04/05 05:19 PM
.....*Re: HOTD  smf11/17/05 01:53 PM
.....*Re: HOTD  RoushiMSX11/04/05 09:01 PM
..CPS3 -nt-  SatsuNoHiTo11/02/05 07:06 PM
.*CPS3 -nt-  Buveed11/02/05 06:04 PM
..*Sega Model 3 and all variants  Goblin11/02/05 06:08 PM
.*Re: What's would you like to see emulated still?  a-noid11/02/05 06:02 PM
.*Hmm  itchyNADZ11/02/05 12:03 PM
.*PGM and Taito G Net  RoushiMSX11/02/05 10:10 AM
..*Genesis VR  IceMan11/03/05 04:16 AM
..*Re: PGM and Taito G Net  smf11/03/05 02:27 AM
.*True emulation of that craptactular hologram game. -nt-  igamabob11/02/05 08:51 AM