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SubjectKinda Thinking Reply to this message
Posted byk6kicker
Posted on11/05/05 04:33 PM

Ok, with the opteron 165 (dual core 1.8 GHz with double the cache of the x2 3800+(1 freaking meg per core!!!!!!!)) retailing at sub 300 bones right now (and will dropping lower as soon as the newness wears off) I finally see myself upgrading from my old Athlon XP 2800+, mainly because this bad boy runs on any socket 939 mobo and doesn't need funky ram (and is a beast of an over clocker as well, 2.6 GHz on the stock cooler seems to be the norm) but to the point....
Would it be advantageous in terms of mame and other resource hungry emulators to have 2 slower cores or one fast core (say a vanilla a64 3800) further down the road....I know right now there is very little in the way multithreaded apps but I can see where this would help immensely (say svt-titan/saturn or PS2 or other parallel architectures) or am I just thinking too much about this? (oh yeah and as far as video goes, a 7800gt is looking yummy at $375, and if i go with an sli mobo theres some nice room for growth)