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SubjectRe: Might be me but....... Reply to this message
Posted byMrClick
Posted on11/20/05 07:28 PM

> I remember a post like that from like 4yrs ago :)
> clem

This has come up every now and then. Actually everything that gets more than two peoples attention for more than a year will sooner or later face the same question, be it the Simpsons, Christianity or Latino music.
All these plus emulation get the same anwser from me.

- Have these passed their initial hype, their golden years or simply put their highest pitch of momentum?
- Yes! Definitely!
- Will these die, go away, fade into oblivion?
- No, absolutely not.

Here is something even I don't like about emulation: commercialism. It made everything worse over the last few decades, be it operating systems, the internet, Science Fiction and Fantasy, televison, the movies, music and the arts, sportcars, the image of beauty, happiness and selfconfidence and also emulation. But it will not kill it.

In a few years emulation will be dead to me and many people who consider themselves dedicated followers of the scene. Many things have died this way in my mind like saturday morning cartoons. I don't consume them anymore, have close contact to anybody who does and don't know if the scene is bigger or smaller than I knew it or if it is even nonexistent. But I believe, not know, that there are still in existence, because I have a feeling that these were more than just a fad. I have the same feeling with emulation. It will always be out there. But I propably won't care for it forever.

If that doen't awnser your question then you just spend alot of time reading some rubbish. I hope your happy now.

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