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SubjectNEStopia 1.23 Released! Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/01/05 05:14 AM

One of the BEST NES Emulators has been updated:

Main Page:

Windows Nestopia 1.23 binary here:

WHATSNEW (Since Version 1.21):

Windows Port:

- Upgraded compiler.
- Added an option in the video dialog to automatically take advantage of other
display frequencies. It's disabled by default for compatibility reasons
but should be enabled for best performance.
are now ONLY set when a menu or window is visible in full-screen mode. Improves
speed and vsync timing.
- Added an option for tripple-buffering in the timing dialog.
- Emulation is now stopped upon menubar activation.
- The last selected file type in the launcher dialog is now remembered throughout
the application lifetime.
- File names that are too long to fit inside the screen message field are now
truncated using ellipses.
- Minor bug fixes.


Windows Port:

- Added support for RAR and 7-Zip files.
- Enabled use of XP visual styles.
- Cleaned up the GUI a bit and fixed proper tab ordering.
- Added cheat search support.
- Added some joystick options. People having joystick problems in earlier versions can now disable the buggy axes.
- Improved auto frame skipping performance.
- Fixed an FDS BIOS path saving bug.
- Fixed an auto IPS patching bug.
- Fixed a Wave file recording bug.
- Fixed an Alt+Tab from fullscreen bug.
- Fixed a cheats delete/clear bug.

Emulation Core:

- Added real-time rewinding support (up to 1 minute). To use it, assign it to any key and enable it in the Timing dialog.
- Added support for cheats in the whole address range.
- Added support for "Pro Action Rocky" cheat codes.
- Added DPCM channel sample interpolation and DC offset removal.
- Improved PPU vblank timing and flag behaviour, info from Blargg.
- Fixed mapper 6 and moved "Mi Hu Chen (hFFE)" to it, info from CaH4e3.
- Moved "Shin Samurai Spirits 2", "Power Rangers III" and "Power Rangers IV" to mapper 209.
- Moved "Mortal Kombat 3 - Special 56 People" to mapper 90.
- Hacked mapper 90, more games are playable now,
- Added mapper 148 and moved "Sugoro Quest - Dice no Senshitachi (asia)" to it.
- Added mapper 183, info from CaH4e3.
- Added mapper 186, info from CaH4e3.
- Fixed mapper 187, "King Of Fighters 96" is now playable.
- Added mapper 216, info from CaH4e3.
- Added DreamTech UNIF board, info from CaH4e3.
- Added H2288 UNIF board, info from Kevtris and CaH4e3.
- Added proper handling of FDS disk insert/eject during movie playing/recording.