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SubjectFor MetaFox Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on01/06/06 08:00 AM

Kega Fusion v3.51

    Quick Update:

  • Fixed Netplay Connection issue.
  • Fixed Netplay Dialogs in Fullscreen mode.
  • Config of Player 1 (the Host) is now copied to other players in Netplay.
  • Re-added another deleted line, the sound effects in Ecco work again.
  • Fixed a Timing issue, Street Racer works again.
  • Fixed DMA issue with Powermonger.
  • Fixed SMS NMI issue.

BGB v1.12

1.12 - Fixed bug in graphics introduced in 1.1, affecting
legend of zelda oracle of ages/seasons, and alfred
chicken. Added separate settings for DMG and GBC border
bitmaps. various fixes.

ZSNES January 05 2006 WIP
  • WIN: Fixed video mode selecting via command line for Windows (whoever updated it last didn't change everything he was supposed to). [Nach]
  • SRC: Updated copyrights. [Nach]
  • SRC: Fixed pushes and pops for x86-64. [Nach]
  • SRC: Can now compile objects internally if desired. MSVC and GCC handling cleaned up a bit. (parsegen) [Nach]
  • SRC: Made cfgparse.o depend on PSR compiler. [Nach]
  • SRC: Fixed a variable which was being used improperly. [Nach]