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SubjectRe: Street Fighter II Guile's secret move on emulator? Reply to this message
Posted byNoct
Posted on01/14/06 10:42 PM

I'm not going to outright say the last poster is wrong, but I have never seen any revisions of it that I couldn't pull all of Guile's glitches off, in the arcade or on mame.
I personally find it easier to do on earlier revisions, but it's always possible IMO.

BTW, it wasn't just Guile. There was several other glitches as well.
You could do an infinate hurricane kick with Ken/Ryu, make Dahlsim dissapear, and reset the machine with Chun-li. You could also do a Ryu vs Ryu match(SF2 WW, NOT Championship)

Those are the lesser seen glitches, as they are WAY harder to do. I never learned The hurricane kick or Chun-Li's reset, but I can tell you these:

"Magic Throw" - Charge up for a sonic boom, then press F,B,F+HP+HK (Very FAST). It does have to technically be in throw distance to pull it off, but only when you start doing the motion, if the person jumps away it'll still catch them even at full screen. (You can also do it multiple times if timed right and your opponent cannot even get up.)

"HandCuffs" - At Throw Distance, charge for flash kick, then arc the joystick from down to forward to up. As you hit up, tap Medium Punch, then immediately after press medium Kick.

(To release from the Cuffs you must magic throw, otherwise time runs out and the game freezes.)

"Guile Reset" -
Same as Handcuffs, but use Hard Punch/Kick instead of mediums. (I believe it's the same for ChunLi as well)

"Flamingo"/"Leg Freeze" - Charge for Sonic boom. While holding back, hit hard kick, when Guile turns upside down, throw a sonic boom with Hard punch. (This leaves him frozen and invulnerable to low attacks.)
To release from stance, do a magic throw, or a simple flash kick.

Dhalsim's inviso -
Don't quote me on this, (it's been a decade), but I believe it was hold middle kick, then when leg is at full stretch throw a yoga flame with hard punch.


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