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SubjectNew VICE Reply to this message
Posted byTheInformer
Posted on01/16/06 00:42 AM

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Changes in VICE 1.19

** General

- Fixed "RESTORE key works only once" bug.

- Fixed compilation with GCC4.

** C64 changes

- Fixed an opcode execute problem with the +60k expansion.

- New c64 256k expansion support.


- Fixed switch from idle state to display state.

- Added missing DEN bit scrolling feature.

** Unix changes

- The experimental netplay feature has been extended to the Unix
platforms for testing.

- Added IPV6 support to netplay.

- Fixed crash if settings are saved.

- Fixed some Gnome1 annoyances (popup menus in status bar)

- Rework of gnome save media (screenshot) dialog

- Xaw Statusbar fixes and improvements (new buttons for recording).

- An experimental patch for Gnome2/Gtk2 support is available (See
website). Vice-1.19 will be the last Gnome1/Gtk1 version officially
The Gnome2/Gtk2 version is known to work on state-of-the-art
Linux distributions (e.g. Fedora Core 4).
See also src/arch/unix/x11/gnome/TODO

** MS-Windows changes

- Added "always on top" option.

** MS-DOS changes

- The experimental netplay feature has been extended to MS-DOS for

** Miscellaneous changes

- Added various new screenshot formats.

- Improved the image content lister to display at least the first part of a circular directory listing.

- Made the tape routines able to cope with non-standard header sizes.