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SubjectJEmu2 version 2.1 released Reply to this message
Posted byerikduijs
Posted on01/25/06 06:13 PM

* Fixed the gunsmoke driver
* Fixed the AY-3-8910 emulator (noise channel), fixing the sound of all MSX games and many arcade games (for example the sound in 1942 is okay now)
* Added online high score saving of 6 MSX games (Nemesis, Nemesis 2, Nemesis 3, Salamander, Parodius and Penguin Adventure)
* Fixed a problem in the MSX VDP emulator, fixing wrong colours in the Konami boot sequences.
* Mapped most keys of the MSX (remember that the 'M' key is now used most of the times as second fire button. It was previously mapped to the arcade button1).