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SubjectNestopia 1.26 Released Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/03/06 12:30 PM


Version 1.26 is out. Here are the changes:

Windows Additions:
Automatic joystick axes recalibration.
More video filter options.

Windows Changes:
::GetLongPathName() is now used in conjunction with ::GetCommandLine().
Better logic for when and when not to preserve the NES picture scale factor in fullscreen.
Minor aestetic fixes.

Windows Fixes:
Crash on start in 98/ME.
Crash on exit when two or more video devices are present.
Invalid fullscreen view on dual displays.
Parameter change in ::CompareString() for 98/ME/2k compatibility.
Correct LIB linking order for MSLU.
Bug in WM_DROPFILES and WM_COPYDATA handlers.
Certain input keys are now ignored. Fixes some japanese keyboards.
Can now parse unquoted filenames from the command-line.

Emulator Additions:
MD5 instead of CRC when checking for modified data.
New image file CRCs for auto detection of controllers.
Database entries.

Emulator Changes:
NTSC filter optimizations.
Minor palette modifications.
__attribute__ ((fastcall)) removed. Seems to be broken in GCC.

Emulator Fixes:
Some NTSC filter bugs.
Patch for "My Life My Love - Boku no Yume - Watashi no Negai" to use another revision of the MMC3 chip.
NST_ASSERT() macro bug on platforms other than Win32.