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Subjecthow to remap buttons for an emu on my PDA? Reply to this message
Posted byitherod
Posted on02/16/06 10:53 PM

I have been begging on and of for a long time for someone to write any kind of emu for this

Well finally someone got an older Zaurus GB emu working, yay! But - no A/B or SELECT buttons mapped! Only START.

I would like some help in learning how to get into the emu just to repoint to the buttons my PMA uses. I don't know how hard this would be, hopefully not too hard. There is a PDK available, but I am no programmer. I am hoping there could just be some text-file-like .ini or .cfg I might be able to edit.

Could I get some help? I really respect all the programmers and such on the Retrogames site, always have. Thanks so much.