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Subjectthis emulator is awesome! Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on03/04/06 10:51 PM

> http://psxemulator.gazaxian.com/
> Fixed several GTE bugs (Crash Bandicoot 3 + others)
> More accurate SPU noise and FM (FF7 and ChronoCross sound correct)
> Set mask bit for lines (MGS frequency display now works)
> Fixed bug where primitive coordinates were not sign extended (ChronoCross)
> Swapped analog sticks
> Fixed pad force feedback crash (now properly enumerates actuators)
> Disabled vsync in windowed mode to fix speed problems
> Fixed SPU looping bug: -S option is no longer required (now ignored)
> Fixed bug where starting in fullscreen would incorrectly resize window
> Fixed debugger GPU capture
> Added preliminary version of TheCloudOfSmoke's icon

It's been said before but it's needs to said again ...

Finally a PSX emulator that doesn't need plugins!

Now I know that someone will debate this by saying that ePSXe is better, and it may very well be in some areas. Well, I'll put the kibosh on that argument by saying that at least this PSX emulator is actively worked on. In my opinion, that alone makes this emulator better.

And now I'm off to play around with the emulator ...


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