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SubjectNestopia version 1.28 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/18/06 05:47 AM


Version 1.28 is out. Changes for this release:

Windows Additions:
Sound volume level sliders.
More NTSC video filter options.
Scanline darkening level sliders.

Windows Changes:
Pressing the ALT-key when the menu is hidden should no longer cause "hickups" during play.
Recent files/directories menu lock state is now saved on exit.

Windows Fixes:
Window placement bug.

Emulator Additions:
Non-linear APU sound output.
Mapper 116 for "AV-Girl Fighting".
Mapper 163 and 167. Info from tpu.
Database entries.

Emulator Changes:
Update to version 0.1.7 of Blargg's NTSC composite video filter.
Fine-tuned the volume levels of the external sound chips.
More accurate SUNSOFT5B sound chip emulation.
Moved "Shanghai" to mapper 93.
Patch for "Dragon Ball Z II - Gekishin Freeza!! (redump)" to use the proper EEPROM type.
'No Sprite Limit' option should now be more responsive to games that make heavy use of OAM cycling.

Emulator Fixes:
Mapper 45, 53, 74, 90, 93, 164 and 165.
Dip-switch and input fixes for some VS.System games.
Database entries.