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SubjectRe: no. Reply to this message
Posted bycapslock
Posted on03/18/06 12:14 PM

> I don't think so, I check the web and FAQ and it said no full screen

FYI, I just finished playing Capcom vs SNK 2 on chankast and I was playing it full screen.

I simply started the game, then pressed Right-Alt + Enter.

Also, from the chankast home page:

07/07/2004: chankast Alpha 0.25 released

- FullScreen and multiple resolution support
- CPU core bugs fixed
- VmsBrowser integration
- LCD CMU support
- LCD VMU emulation
- Rumble pack emulation
- Control and CD plugin support
- Windows 2000 compatibility (ASPI driver)
- Command line support to run home made binaries

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