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Posted byIceMan
Posted on03/21/06 03:03 PM

courtesy of Infoseek AMIKAI:

SSF Ver0.07 beta R3
FRT processing of SH2 was corrected.
PCM generation processing of SCSP was corrected.
Since timer starting factor processing of DMA of SCU had fallen out, it added.
The back screen of VDP2 and processing of scrolling were corrected.

The rotation display change of a screen was changed into zero key by the side of a ten key.
The system program was hooked (selection is possible as an option).
BIOS is not needed when it hooks.
However, if the software which operates with BIOS has no BIOS, it may not move.

It corresponded to STV.
The starting method of STV sets up BIOS as an option, and it performs SSF, pushing SHIFT.
Moreover, the direct specification of the ROM file can be carried out at a command line. In this case, it is not necessary to push SHIFT.
BIOS of STV is indispensable.
The contents of the ROM file Here
The input relation of STV
TEST = F11 key
SERVICE = F12 key
Coin1 = 5 key
Coin2 = 6 key
Coin3 = 7 key
Coin4 = 8 key
1P Start = 1 key
2P Start = 2 key
3P Start = 3 key
4P Start = 4 key
The button of each player follows a controller setup of SSF.
By that, operation or the mah-jongg panel of 3P and 4P are not supported.
Moreover, protection release has not been carried out, either.


and for a laugh (translation error) here's the contents of the link about the STV BIOS file:

File composition is simple and creates the file which made IC number of sucked-out ROM the extension. A body name is not cared about anything.
I hear that SSF uses the extension for judgment of a file.
If it is IC1, if it is IC2 similarly, an extension sets an extension to 1 like 2 --.
Those files are compressed and archived by ZIP. SSF reads the ZIP file.
Since IC number is not continuing, depending on a game, a missing number generates it.
There is no IC1 in less than 24 M bytes of software.
Moreover, IC7 and IC13 have an exclusion relation (only either exists).
When both are carried, IC13 (EPROM) is sucked out.
Once, the order of ROM is IC13 (IC7), IC2, IC3, IC4, IC5, IC6, IC1, IC8, IC9, IC10, IC11, and IC12.
The EPROM capacity of IC13 becomes 2M, 4M, or 8M bit.
The mask ROM capacity of IC7 becomes 4M or 8M bit.
The mask ROM capacity of IC2-IC12 is 32M bit.
However, the last mask ROM becomes 8M, 16M, or 32M bit.

- The data of a mask ROM (except IC13) carries out byte reversal per 16 bits.
Although based also on how to suck out, in SSF, a vertical byte uses the file which became reverse per 16 bits.

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