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SubjectI'm around. Reply to this message
Posted byRazoola
Posted on03/25/06 12:11 PM

> > I recently was recalling some old emulation memories and came across some
> > impressive names i haven't heard of in a long time.
> > Does anyone know if any of these people are still around or what happened to
> > them? Most of them just dissapeared without showing any sign of life again.
> > In any way they should be honoured and not be forgotten..
> >
> > For example:
> >
> > RCP (Known of Trwin and KIAME/U64 fame. A true EmuGod. His emu-achievements
> were
> > established in such a short period that people were crying fake all over the
> > place. Last time i heard of him he was working with the MameDevs on some
> > recompiler).
> >
> > Epsilon (Reality64 and UltraHLE fame. Did he ever gave an interview after the
> > lighting UltraHLE release? Did he ever re-appear? He seemed to have
> dissapeared
> > as fast as he appeared).
> >
> > ContraSF (Corn fame. At the time being the fasted N64 emu and it may still
> hold
> > up. This Chinese guy gave some interviews and then went on some kind of
> business
> > trip to be never heard of again).
> >
> > Lemmy (how is he doing? It's been a while since his last Nemu64 depart).
> >
> > StrmnNrmn (from Daedalus fame. If i'm correct he was a affiliated with a game
> > company. I could be wrong though)
> >
> > Randy Linden (Not really on my list of great or honoured authors at all,..but
> he
> > did dissapear as one. Did he ever recover from the fall of Bleem? Last time he
> > was rumoured to be on the run from some assasin hired by Sony ;) )
> >

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