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Subjectwhat a joke ... Reply to this message
Posted byJAW
Posted on04/05/06 07:29 PM

> > > Devs get annoyed if they think there's a request for a fix. I know I'd love
> to
> > > see Wizard of Wor fully playable, there seem to be a number of bugs, the
> > > monsters seem to start rampaging too quick, the "safe" areas don't seem to
> > work,
> > > there's no documentation for the voice, heck I bought the Midway Arcade
> > > Treasures 2, dreaming of a fully emulated Wizard of Wor, and some of the
> > sounds
> > > are completely wrong, and it isn't emulated very well...
> > >
> > > I guess either I will have to learn how to build a Jamma to TV harness, or
> buy
> > > one, or buy a cabinet and convert it to Wizard of Wor, but I'll bet the PCBs
> > > aren't easy to come by or cheap...
> > >
> > > But I'll also be patient and hope and pray someday that the documentation
> will
> > > be found for the voice...and I wouldn't try to rush any Dev to work on
> Wizard
> > of
> > > Wor, it does make me happy to know I'm not the only one who enjoys the
> game...
> > >
> >
> Haze mentioned that fact a number of times, that warez kiddies caused the delay
> of "too new" Neo Geo games, and other drivers have *probably* been delayed as
> well, the LAST thing I'd want is for Wizard of Wor's driver to get delayed even
> longer...
> As Belmont says "Be patient and wonderful things will happen"

I understand that the devs don't want to be hounded by stupid requests and demands, however, I never understood why/how this kind of thing got to them. Silence is golden. Simply don't reply to the stupid posts and the trolls will go away. There are no rules on these boards saying not to ask about unemulated games. Come to think of it, the rules on these boards (along with the MAME boards) do need to be updated. Anyway, if the devs are going to get mad at a simple post, maybe they shouldn't be on the boards to begin with. Sorry, but I don't cater to someone just because they are a dev. Do I respect the devs and the work that they do? Absolutely! Do I think that they are better than anyone else? Absolutely not!


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