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SubjectRe: Street Fighter 3: Third Strike advice wanted Reply to this message
Posted byLilwolf
Posted on04/25/06 01:00 PM

There are people who are selling prehacked dreamcast joysticks over at www.arcadecontrols.com

use that with a dreamcast and the joystick of your dreams and you have yourself a cab. heck, do the 15hz vga hack like I did and you have arcade monitor going

A dreamcast in an arcade cabinet is amazingly easy and some great games. I played the heck out of mine for a year... haven't done much recently though.

> Hi all,
> I would like some advice about this game.
> I have some really good PC arcade sticks from http://www.ozstick.com.au/ and I
> want to be able to play Street Fighter 3: Third Strike becaus me and some
> friends are looking at getting into the local tournament scene. The tourney
> cabinets use the same Sanwa joysticks as the ones in my USB sticks.
> Here's my options as I see them:
> 1. Buy the arcade board and a cabinet.
> Pros:
> -arcade perfect
> Cons:
> -Expensive :(
> -Have to get the CPS3 boards battery changed
> 2. Buy a dreamcast and a pair of dreamcast sticks
> Pros:
> -Cheaper than 1
> Cons:
> -Not quite arcade perfect but good enough
> -The dreamcast joysticks aren't as good as the ones I already own
> -More hardware lying around just for one game
> 3. Dreamcast emulator, buy third strike off ebay and use my current sticks
> Pros:
> -Cheapest
> Cons:
> -Not even sure if this is viable (can anyone tell me?) I tried "chancast" but
> while it ran it was too glitchy to play. Is this because the emulator can't run
> it or because I'm a newb?
> 4. Anyone have an option I haven't thought of?

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