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SubjectAtomicFE 0.17 on line! Reply to this message
Posted byyouki
Posted on07/18/06 05:29 AM

Hi all,

The new version is online :

-Rewrite of snap video rendering using DirectShow instead of video for windows.(no more problem with XVID)
-Video Snap can be played with sound
-Vertical layout rendering optimized
-Differences between font in the layoutEditor and Atomic corrected
-Light gun and Touch Screen support (need specific layout using new ClickZone objects)
-Image list (marqueelist etc) rendering corrected on Layout 0.16 format
-Can set font and color for each item in a list using the layoutEditor
-Can set Alphablending (degree of transparency) for each item of a image list using the layoutEditor
-Automatic generation of GameList at first run of configs that doesn't use predefined gamelists.
-PageDown and PageUp can now scroll by letter
-bugs correction and enhancement in layout Editor
-Possibility to display image on Jukebox screensaver
-Enhancement AtomicManager

Download on : http://www.atomicfe.com

FrontEnd Multi-emulator plug'n play!