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SubjectMAME 0.107u1 & SDLMAME 0.107u1 Reply to this message
Posted byHawq
Posted on07/30/06 06:29 AM


MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
timecrsa0100u1gra [Luigi30]
inputduplication0106u7gra (nyny, joust, lghost, hyhoo) [Luigi30]
lastduel0106u7gra [Luigi30]
jdreddp0106u1gra [Luigi30]
bzone0104u7gra [Aaron Giles]
pturn0104u7gra [ShimaPong]
tsamurai0103gra [Aaron Giles]
pause0102gra [BUT]
mameini0107ora [Aaron Giles]
omegafc0107yel [Aaron Giles]
s2650_0106u11ora [Minuous]
syvalion0107yel [Aaron Giles]
congo0107red [Aaron Giles]

Source Changes
Removed hard core dependency on samples. [Andrew Gardner]

Added what seems to be a proper fix for the background transparency
flag that was needed by champbwl to show the green background.
[Pierpaolo Prazzoli]

Updates to the MagicFly driver: [Robert Fresca]
- Figured out the MC6845 (mapped at $0800-$0801)
- Fixed the screen size based on MC6845 registers.
- Fixed the visible area based on MC6845 registers.
- Corrected the gfx rom region.
- Solved the NMI/vblank issue. Now attract works.
- Changed CPU clock to 625khz.
- Added new findings to the technical notes.
- Marked magicfly PAL as NO_DUMP (read protected).

Fixed memory write ordering bug in the 68000 core. [Charles MacDonald]

Added some PPC602 specific opcodes and registers. [Ville Linde]

Removed NEW_RENDER definition and all support for the old rendering
system from the core. Cleaned up a bunch of useless and deprecated
code as a result. [Aaron Giles]

Massively rewrote the user interface to rely on the new rendering
systems. Broke the UI into multiple pieces (ui.c, uimenu.c, uigfx.c).
The code is now verging on readable. [Aaron Giles]

Renamed ui_popup to popmessage across the code, and implemented
popmessage in mame.c. This breaks the dependency between the core
driver code and the user interface in almost all cases. [Aaron Giles]

Added a red background to serious warning messages in the vain hope
that people might take better notice. [Aaron Giles]

Fixed vector game crashes with DirectDraw rendering. [Aaron Giles]

Consolidated live screen parameters into a screen_state structure.
Machine->visible_area[num] is now Machine->screen[num].visarea.
Machine->refresh_rate[num] is now Machine->screen[num].refresh.
[Aaron Giles]

Added new function configure_screen() which can control the width,
height, visible area, and refresh rate of each screen. This function
allows for widths and heights larger than what were specified in the
game driver, so you no longer have to specify the maximum width and
height in the driver, but can instead specify a typical width and
height. This function supercedes the old set_visible_area() and
set_refresh_rate() functions. The former has been rewritten to call
configure_screen(), while the latter has been removed entirely.
[Aaron Giles]

Changed the behavior for supporting overscan and other effects. The
width and height of a screen control the overall bitmap size. The
visible area of a screen specify its non-blanked boundaries (and
default visible area, as before). [Aaron Giles]

Moved line-to-quad conversion routine into the core render.c as
another utility function. [Aaron Giles]

New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status
TomCat (Star Wars hardware, prototype) [Mathis Rosenhauer]
Poke Champ [David Haywood]

New clones added
Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara (Brazil 960223) [Brian Troha]

SDLMAME 0.107u1:
Everything from mainline 0.107u1
Its now once again possible to build on Linux (only!) with the new debugger. The new debugger is neither complete nor suitable for actual use, contact me if youd like to help finish it

The wise man knows when he does not know enough

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