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SubjectGD-ROM preservation question Reply to this message
Posted byZeroKnightRaiden
Posted on08/10/06 06:58 PM

Is there any current project for preserving proper dumps of games on GD-ROM media? I assume that the MAME Dumping Project already has a method of backing up NAOMI/NAOMI2/etc. GD-ROM games to CHD-CD or somesuch. All that seems to be around for the Dreamcast is scene released rips cut to CD size. Any information anyone can provide on the subject would be appreciated, thanks.

SubjectDoubt it new Reply to this message
Posted byRoushiMSX
Posted on08/10/06 10:43 PM

I know a couple of games have proper rips that aren't in public distribution (probably because of hoarding faggots), like Propeller Arena...but for the most part I don't think anyone is making a concentrated effort to preserve 'em.

...especially since Chankast won't play a full GD-ROM image unless you trim it down to 700mb. AWESOME!

SubjectI doubt anyone wants a "NeoGeo" mess again new Reply to this message
Posted byTechrat 2004
Posted on08/10/06 11:05 PM

Considering that when the NeoGeo was added to MAME, too new games were added, I doubt anyone wants to open the door to a Naomi like mess even on a dumping level...

Maybe when the Naomi gets discontinued...

Not that I'd know anything about having games before they were old enough to be included in MAME...Who me? ;)

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