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SubjectRe: look the game info on Mame or Maws Reply to this message
Posted by[Pi]
Posted on09/16/06 03:48 PM

> check on the resolution...
> For example, SF2 is 384x224.
> 384/224 = 1.7142
> 4:3 = 4/3 aspect ratio = 1.3333
> 16:9 = 16/9 ratio = 1.7777

That's a common misconception (which I also believed in the past...)

Almost all arcade games are 4:3 or 3:4 (vertical) as RoushiMSX points, with the exception of multi-monitor games and a couple of games which have LCD displays attached. The pixel resolution is meaningless for aspect ratio. For example, Burguer Time has a resolution of 240x240, but it was shown in a standard 4:3 arcade monitor, and it was designed so. You can see that odd resolution games are designed always for 4:3 monitors just looking at round graphics in them. For example, the car tires in the beginning of Robocop are squashed if you think that the pixels were square, but projected on a 4:3 ratio the car tires are perfectly circular. This includes the CPS games, which have to be "crushed" a bit so they look properly.

All this senseless blurb should be rewritten properly and added to the FAQ, IMHO.

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