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SubjectNestopia 1.35 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on11/07/06 05:00 AM

Version 1.35 released. What's new:

Shell Additions:
Memory pool select for sound buffers.
Famicom and NES four player adapter select in menu.
More cartridge info in image file dialog.

Shell Changes:
Better sound synchronization.
Launcher fixes and improvements.
Workaround for bugs in E-MU sound drivers.
Workaround for bug in ::D3DXSaveSurfaceToFile() using D3DXIFF_BMP.
MBC strings now passed in netplay chat.
Aspect ratio option now preserved on ALT+S in fullscreen mode.
VSync now disabled by default.

Shell Fixes:
Settings for compressed palette and FDS BIOS files now properly saved on exit.
Relative paths in Paths dialog.

Core Additions:
Preliminary support for NES 2.0 file headers.
R.O.B / Famicom Robot peripheral support.
Mapper 14, 196, 214 and 169 (partially). Info from Ca4He3.
Mapper 171 (KAISER KS7058) for "Tui Do Woo Ma Jeung".
Mapper 172 (IDEA-TEK CNROM +SECURITY) for "1991 Du Ma Racing" (unaltered version).
Database entries.

Core Changes:
PAL APU noise channel rates and frame sequencer steps. Info from Blargg.
Emphasis color calculations on user palettes.
Better board type detection for several mappers, particulary 1 and 4.
Board names. Info from Pongbashi.
Removed worthless mapper 100.

Core Fixes:
Mapper 12 to use MMC3A revision. Fixes "Dragon Ball Z 5".
Mapper 15, 147 and 222. Info from CaH4e3.
Mapper 99, PRG-ROM bank switching. Fixes "VS Gumshoe".
Mapper 115 and moved "Bao Qing Tian" to it.
Mapper 156. Fixes "Ko Ko Eo Deu Ben Ce" and "Metal Force".
Mapper 163. Info from CaH4e3 and tpu.
Mapper 230. Fixes "Contra" in "22-in-1".
Mapper 232. Fixes the Quattro games.
Right mouse button for light gun firing off-screen.
Minor sound volume control bug.
AbsX 3-byte NOP instruction timing.
Database entries.