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Subjectname this AppleII game... Reply to this message
Posted bynewsdee
Posted on11/26/06 06:56 PM

Four years after this post, I'm still looking for one of the games...

In reply to:

(It) was something with a couple of "space eyes". It looked like space invaders, except that the layout is left-right instead from top-down. I'm not sure but I think there were two phases to the game. The first is to get past a series of aliens to land on a planet. Then you have to do some stuff in the planet before coming back.
The "space eyes" part comes that when you lose, there are a couple of eyes that appear in the screen, looking left and right, kind of like scorning your pitiful playing.

The other two I enquired about in the post are Star Clones and Star Blazer.
But I can't find this one... anybody with a good memory remembers it?

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