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SubjectMednafen 0.7.0 and Mednafen-Server 0.3.0 released! Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/22/06 06:41 AM


An "NES, PC Engine, GB, GBA, Neo Geo Pocket, Atari Lynx Emulator"

0.7.0: *** Network play with this release requires Mednafen Server >= 0.3.0 ***

PCE: Fixed a timer reload bug.

Added the following configure script options:
--enable-debugger build with internal debugger [default=yes]
--enable-cjk-fonts build with internal CJK(Chinese, Japanese, Korean)
fonts [default=yes]
--enable-gb build with GameBoy emulation [default=yes]
--enable-gba build with GameBoy Advance emulation [default=yes]
--enable-lynx build with Atari Lynx emulation [default=yes]
--enable-nes build with Nintendo Entertainment System emulation
--enable-ngp build with Neo Geo Pocket emulation [default=yes]
--enable-pce build with PC Engine(TurboGrafx 16) emulation
--enable-pcfx build with PC-FX emulation [default=yes]

Moved the save states display and info text message display to blit directly to the framebuffer, rather
than to the general OSD layer(which is now only used for cheat console and debugger).

Reworked the network play console interface to be more...usable. It takes up much less space, is centered at the bottom of the screen,
the "t" button now activates text input, pressing "Enter" exits netplay console mode, and it will automatically pop
up(though without user input possible, unless you press "t" while it's up) for 2.5 seconds when a new message is received.

Added support for all possible input devices to be used with network play.

Command-line arguments can now be prefixed with either "-" or "--".

Fixed "--help/-help" parsing from command-line.

PC-FX: Increased emulation accuracy, most games still don't work correctly, if at all.

PCE: Fixed VRAM->VRAM DMA when destination writes occur outside of VRAM space(they're now ignored). Fixes "Ruin - Kami no Isan".

OpenGL page flips will now try(it doesn't seem to work with nvidia's binary driver under Linux, so use "nvidia-settings" utility instead)
to be synchronized to vertical retrace/blanking period if Mednafen is compiled against SDL >= 1.2.10,
controllable by the setting "glvsync", enabled by default.

The "sounddriver" setting is now honored. Values you can try are "default", "oss", "alsa", "dsound", and "jack".

Added support for JACK and ALSA sound output, ALSA sound output is now preferred over OSS.

Mednafen will now exit properly if it receives a not-fatal signal, such as SIGTERM or SIGINT.

NES: Fixed noise and DMC playback frequencies with PAL emulation. Thanks to blargg for the information.

Due to internal changes, and wanting to clean up code, save states created in versions older than 0.6.0 are no longer supported(if you have any
old save states you absolutely must have, load them in 0.6.5 and save them, then load them in 0.7.0).

Added keys to increment(though a predefined list of possible devices) the currently selected device on an
input port(CTRL+SHIFT+1 through CTRL+SHIFT+5); note that this WILL change the setting for this port saved in the configuration file.

PCE: Added mouse support(use "-pce.input1 mouse"). To use it properly in windowed mode, you will need to press the "Scroll Lock"

PCE: Added 6-button pad support. By default, the "M" key will switch between 2-button and 6-button modes(this is necessary
because most non-supporting games will break horribly in 6-button mode, which happens on a real system as well).

Revamped much of the internal input device handling. Important user-visible changes:
Button configuration order is slightly different, with the rapid-fire instances of buttons immediately coming
after normal instances of the buttons.

More buttons can now be configured for rapid-fire.

A virtually unlimited number(instead of 4 in previous versions) of physical buttons may now be assigned to a
virtual button or command.

Input button settings are now saved in the text-format mednafen.cfg file.

Famicom input devices that were previously not configurable, such as the Family Keyboard, now are; however,
it would be unwieldy to configure the Family Keyboard using the in-emulator configuration process, so edit
the configuration file instead.

The NES Zapper and other devices that are emulated using the mouse can now have their buttons configured.

The setting to manually set an input device on the Famicom expansion port has changed from "nes.fcexp" to

Gameboy and Gameboy Advance pad button configurations are now independent of each other.

Save states and movies can't be accessed during HES/NSF/GSF playback anymore(does this hurt anyone?).

Button configuration hotkey functions are now mapped to ALT+SHIFT+1 through ALT+SHIFT+5(for input ports 1-5) instead of F3, F4, and various
convoluted combinations of F3 and F4 with CTRL and SHIFT.

The NSF/HES/GSF player graphical code now all use the same resolution and video settings("player.*").

Replaced the internal fixed-width 6x13 and 12x13 fonts with 9x18 and 18x18 fonts, respectively, and increased the general OSD layer
size to 384x336 from 256x224(which has a side effect of allowing more detailed save state previews for NES and PCE).
The new fonts provide about 10,000 more glyphs(for a total of about 32,000 glyphs), mostly for east-Asian languages(I think this MIGHT be
slightly overkill, but, eh...*flees*).

PCE: The timer counter was being updated one instruction too late. Fixed. (This problem probably didn't affect
any games, but it could have resulted in confusion while using the debugger.)

Remapped the state rewind key to ALT+S, and added a new help screen triggered by pressing "F1".

PCE: The disassembler was missing opcode 0x3A, DEC. Fixed.

NES: A few sound variables weren't being saved in the VRC6 and FME7 sound code. Fixed.

PCE: Fixed disassembler decoding of ZP indirect addressing mode.

NES: Fixed unofficial opcode 0xE2 cycle timing.