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SubjectRaine 0.50.0 - pre release 1 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/30/06 07:54 AM

From the homepage:
"Ok, don't jump too fast on this one, it's just a pre-release.
So a lot of things are still not finished, and it's more for testers who don't mind editing a config file than for lazy end users ! ;-)"

Pre-release information:
This version is a pre-release, it hasn't got all the
features planned for the final version. It's for
testers only, people who are not afraid to edit a
config file by hand. If you have a problem with this,
just use an older version.


The new gui can be controled with the keyboard, the
mouse or any joystick pluged in the computer. Here are
the controls so far :

* Move in the menus : joystick up/down, keys up, down,
home, end, page up, page down. If you use the
keyboard, you can also type the first letters of the
option you want (example : P to Play, Q to Quit).
When you have typed enough keys to identify a single
option, the option is chosen without having to type
the return key.

* Choose an option in a list : joystick left/right,
keys left/right, mouse button 1. The options are
cycling so that you can access all the options even
with a mouse with 1 button !

* Back, cancel a dialog : joystick button 2, key ESC,
mouse button 2 (right button).

* Execute a menu command : joystick button 1, key
RETURN, mouse button 1.

I tried to make all this as intuitive as possible.

Ingame controls

The same as the previous versions, except that I
prefered to avoid the numbered keys because if
international keyboards problems, so the default key
for coin1 becomes Z, and the default key for P1 Start
becomes A. Sorry for now there is no gui dialog to
change the inputs. You can change them directly in
source/sdl/control.c if you are familliar with the SDL
constants for the keyboard.

For the joystick, the default inputs have been mapped
so that I can use directly a ps2 dual shock controller.

What's different !

Well I'll probably not list everything here, just the
most important points. The video system is completely
different. Now it tries to autodetect the hardware
accelerated features of your video card and to use
hardware yuv overlays if they are available. You can
force it to use the old blit method using the gui if
you want.

The advantage of yuv overlays is that it allows to
scale the game picture to any resolution without
loosing cpu power at all. There is even an option to
fix games aspect ratio when it's close to 4:3 but not
exactly 4:3 (320x225 -> 320x240). Also, it allows to
resize the window on the fly with the mouse, even
during game play. This is very convinient for modern
computers which don't appreciate low resolutions, now
you can play any game without changing the video
resolution ! Notice though that raine will always keep
the aspect ratio when you resize the window, so you can
get an unexpected size when resizing like that.

Also raine now uses a true type font for its gui, and
it will choose a font size to use the maximum of the
screen size available. You might find this a little
disturbing at start, especially for the main menu which
can become very big, but I find it quite usefull in
some situations. I plan later to choose the min and max
font sizes allowed.

There are also changes to the way inputs are handled,
but you can't really see them since you can't change
them with the gui for now... Oh well, later, it
shouldn't be too hard to add this kind of dialog...

This version has no way to choose the roms directories,
so you must edit the config file for this. It's named
rainex_sdl.cfg for linux, and raine32_sdl.cfg for
windows, so that you can install it in the same
directory as an old allegro version without overwriting
the settings of the old one. By the way this new
version has no allegro at all in it, no raine.dat, and
these silly bugs related to threads in the linux
version are finally all gone !

There is no emudx support for now, basically because
emudx is heavily linked to the allegro packfile format,
so I need to change it completely. The gui is not
finished, I am currently thinking about extensions
needed to make a good file selector, and things like

If you want to compile this version, you'll need
SDL_ttf and SDL_image, SDL_gfx is already included in
the raine source now.