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SubjectOsmose 0.8.1 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on12/31/06 10:04 AM

This Sega Master System / Game Gear emulator has been updated with the following from the homepage:

"Here is a new, and probably the last release of Osmose. I spent a lot of my free time working on this emulator and now it's time for me to switch to something else. I will not work anymore on the emu, except for bug fix.

What's new in Osmose 0-8-1:

-Only one feature has been added to this version, but an important one: It's now possible to save emulation state into a file, and reload it to continue from the save. 5 slots are available for each rom. See the readme file for more details".


-SMS: Good compatibility. At this stage, the emulator can run* 96% of commercial
games and public demos, except games that relies on codemaster mapper, which work
but does not have proper video mode emulated.
-Game Gear: Good compatibility. At this stage, the emulator can run 98.0%* of
game gear ROMS.
-SN76489 Sound is supported, but needs more work on noise register.
-support. for .zip .sms and .gg format.
-Video filters: monochrom, scanline, scale2x, bilinear, nearest neighbour,
and a new interesting scale2xscanline (fullscreen option always available).
-Pad(keyboard or joystick mapped), Sport Paddle (mouse mapped) emulation.
-PAL/NTSC Timing.
-Japanese/Export console.
-In game Screenshots, GFX rip, sound shot.
-Accurate auto-frameskip.
-Configurable keyboard configuration.
-Joystick support.

Get it here: