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SubjectRockNES v5.00 BETA 2 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on01/02/07 06:28 PM

From the Homepage:
"Beta 2 is available for downloading. A few things: the binary wasn't tuned for any CPU, like i586. Plus, use the default blitter (256x240 output), due to sync problems. News regards CPU and shell fixes. I hope you enjoy it and give me proper feedback... and no, the subtitle is correct, tear. -_-;;"

From rocknes.txt:
"** NOTICE ** This is a beta version, might be unstable.

What's new for version 5.00 BETA 2 (01/02/2007)
- Fixed opcodes: $01[ORA1](7/6), $04[NOP3](4/3).
- Fixed an obscure addressing mode timing bug.
- Fixed support for trained games.
- Fixed the sound flag in the config file.
- Disabled debug messages, my bad.
- Fixed warning/status messages.
- Mapped F1 key to toggle FPS display.
- Fixed PRG page masking.
- Added ROM loading error messages.
- Other things I don't remember...

Notes: * Read 'oldnews.txt' for complete history of updates.
* Report any problems in a descriptive way at