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SubjectRaine 0.50 final out Reply to this message
Posted byitchyNADZ
Posted on01/16/07 11:51 AM


raine (0.50.0-2) unstable; urgency=low

* Fixed crash in Video info dialog
* Added "Fullscreen" option, in the video options dialog
* Fixed double buffering when fullscreen is enabled (windows)
* Added a messagebox to be able to read the error messages when trying to
load a game
* Fixed a few more bugs in the game drivers (like crashing when loading a
specific game after another)
* Completely removed the references to yasm in the makefile for the linux
* Added a gui options dialog (font, auto-repeat, transparency)
* Added controls dialogs (emulator & game controls, default & custom)
* Fixed joystick handliing (only the gamepads could work previously !)
* Fixed the scrollbars behaviour
* Added automatic repeat for joystick in the gui (same parameters as the
keyboard, you can tune them with the gui options dialog).
* enhanced menu browsing with joystick (left = page up, right = page down,
and up/down cycles around the list)
* windows specific : stdout & stderr are used again instead of stdout.txt
and stderr.txt. This should allow rom utilities to work again with raine.
Notice that if you want to do that while building your own version of
raine, then you need to build your own version of sdl with a specific
parameter to the configure script.
* New cheats dialog - only allow to enable/disable cheats, not to edit them
for now. It shows the infos at the bottom of the screen if the cheat has
some info though (it wasn't done in the allegro version).
* The return of EmuDX : for now only pacman and Ms Pacman. And all the pengo
driver has come back with this. Notice : the emudx rendering is compatible
with the yuv overlays, so you can freely resize the window without any
problem and choose your prefered size.
* A very nice new logo for the about dialog from NoLogic (new palette
cycling code for it !).
* Finally took the time to fix the "make install" target of the makefile. It
allows to build a clean debian package again.

-- Sat, 13 Jan 2007 11:00:42 +0100

raine (0.50.0-1 aka pre-release 2) unstable; urgency=low

* Fixed all the png mess (colors are now correct for the bezels even if you
run a game from the command line, and you can now save a screenshot again
in png - Ctrl S by default now).
* When resizing a window to keep the aspect ratio, always resize within the
size chosen by the user (to avoid to have a window bigger than the
* Acrobat Mission, black heart, and macross2 are loadable again
* Fixed the 8bpp games
* Added quite a few options to the game selection dialog
* Fixed the crash in thunder fox (since 0.42 or 0.43 - the automatic calling
of make_solid_region).
* Fixed allocation of m6585 sound chip which crashed gcpinbal when reseting
the game (very, very old bug).
* Fixed other things (changelog incomplete !)

-- Mon, 1 Jan 2007 20:53:53 +0100

raine (0.50.0 aka pre-release 1) unstable; urgency=low

* The major new thing in 0.50 is I got finally rid of allegro and its
endless bugs. Now SDL is used for everything, and there is a whole new
gui. New savegame format, also. The changes below are only the changes
related to the game drivers, the changes related to sdl and the gui are
not listed (it would be way too long, and uninteresting !!!).
* fix the glitches in strider (since 0.42)
* Fix path /usr/usr in "make install" for linux !!!
* fix champwr freezing at start of game... this one is from 0.38 !!! (I
think I didn't want to fix this bug at a time... well it was a long time
ago !)
* Restored task force harrier title screen, it was wiped out when some other
games in this driver were fixed. Still not playable.
* Fixed colors in some seta games (like zombie raid)
* Some games were loading their roms twice before
* TODO : check bankswitch for these games :