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SubjectStella version 2.3.5 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on01/17/07 07:24 PM

Here what's new:
* Greatly improved cartridge bankswitch type auto-detection. Stella
can now (mostly) autodetect cartridge types 'E0', 'E7', '3E', '3F' and
Superchip carts. Obviously, this autodetection is not infallible, but
relies on patterns in the ROM data, and how it was compiled. Because
of the auto-detection types already supported, almost all bankswitch
info was removed from internal ROM properties. Set the ROM property
"Cartridge.Type" to "Auto-detect" for this to take effect.

* Added auto-detection of display type (NTSC or PAL). Currently, PAL60
ROMs will be detected as NTSC. This is almost 100% accurate, and fails
in very few cases (for those that are mislabeled, the ROM properties
can be set specifically). Set the ROM property "Display.Format" to
"Auto-detect" for this to take effect.

* Improved emulation timing when exiting one ROM and starting another.
Previously, this could result in the second ROM having its sound start
later than it should have.

* Removed pause functionality from the core, since it's been superceded
by the other event states. You can now enter one of the menus for a
similar effect (options, command, debugger, etc).

* Added toggle for PAL color-loss emulation, which defaults to off.
Previous versions of Stella always used color-loss emulation.
Related to this, added 'colorloss' commandline argument.

* Added rudimentary support for configuring the UI palette ('uipalette'
commandline argument) and ability to change the size of the launcher window
('launchersize' commandline argument). This will be expanded on in future

* Reworked options menu so it's now accessible from the ROM launcher as
well as while playing a ROM.

* Re-added ability to change the width and height of a Console. Related to
this, changing XStart/YStart/Width/Height dynamically no longer resets
the ROM.

* Removed 'tiadefaults' commandline argument, since Stella will now default
to using accurate positioning, and not use 'tweaks'.

* Joystick code now allows all 4 directions; 'Bumper Bash' now works

* Improved Keypad emulation; 'Alpha Beam with Ernie', 'Oscars Trash Race'
and 'Magicard' now work correctly.

* Reworked GUI code, so that all dialog boxes are automatically centered.

* Added 'rominfo' commandline argument, which prints some detailed info for
a ROM.

* For the OSX port; fixed crashes in OpenGL mode.

* For the GP2X port; some improvements to the sound code.

* For the GP2X port; added vertical centering of the TIA image (when possible).