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SubjectYape 0.71 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/09/07 06:25 PM

Here's whatsnew for this C-16-Plus/4 Emulator:

-advanced settings dialog window
forced UpdateOverlay call introduced in 0.70 now optional
optionally allow only one instance of the emulator to run
two older tweaks (load vector patch and 1541 loader hack) are incorporated
-command line options (at long last...)
'/DISK#:image' for attaching an image to drive {8,9,10,11} at startup
'/TAPE:image' for attaching a TAP/WAV image on startup
'/TYPE:text' for typing 'text' on startup
'/NOSTART' will suppress autostart
-a couple of TED bugfixes

Get it here: