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SubjectHatari 0.93 - 2007/02/10 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/10/07 06:21 AM

Hatari 0.93 - 2007/02/10

This Atari ST/STe/TT/Falcon Emulator for Windows has been updated.

Here's whatsnew (Per the Change Log):

* doc/todo.txt: Updated TODO list

* tools/hmsa/hmsa.c: Added missing #include

* src/nvram.c: Cleaned up NVRAM emulation a little bit.

* doc/: compatibility.html, todo.txt: LS2 Roland-MT32 midi
driver works just fine with ALSA

* doc/: alsa-midi.txt, compatibility.html: Add instructions
how to setup MIDI output on Linux with ALSA

* doc/manual.html: add "usage" to command line options

* tools/: hmsa/Makefile, hmsa/floppy.c, hmsa/floppy.h,
hmsa/hmsa.c, hmsa/hmsa.h, hmsa/readme-hmsa.txt:
New tool: MSA disk image converter.

* doc/compatibility.html: added STE highresmode demo

* doc/compatibility.html: added all falcon apps, games and
demos from the ASCII list

Get it here: