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SubjectRAINE 0.50.3 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/22/07 06:13 PM

Here's whatsnew:

* Added support for a frogger hack which adds hiscore table, see
The rom should be renamed as
The permanent ram is saved on disk, no hiscore.dat update required.
Emudx support works also for this one (it doesn't change anything in the
* A little fix for the hiscores : They were loaded too late to be shown on
the first screen of dkong (it starts by the hiscore table). So they are
now loaded at the begining of the emulation and you see correctly the
hiscore table in dkong now.
* The cheats.cfg file now supports a new syntax for clones with the same
cheats, it makes the file 1/3 smaller (why didn't we do that earlier ???)
* Added donkey kong foundry (dkongex) :
* Linux: Fixed fbcon support when using a driver which allows to change the
video mode like matroxfb or nvidiafb : these drivers require a special
handling in sdl to avoid a crash. Advice : use 16bpp at least for fbcon if
you want to use raine with that, or expect a strange looking gui...
* Added galaxian, super galaxian, and galaxian part X, with emudx support.
The original sound is not emulated for now, so you'd better use emudx
samples if you want sound !
* Editable cheats, usually to select the game stage, are supported again.

Get it here: