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SubjectHatari 0.93 - 2007/02/26 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on02/26/07 05:57 AM

Here's whatsnew:
* src/: file.c, options.c, printer.c: - fix stupid bugs from
- move trivial printer.c functions so that ancient
compilers know to inline them too + fix comment typo

* src/file.c: typo

* doc/: alsa-midi.txt, manual.html: alsa-midi.txt: midi
networking example
manual.html: update options

* src/: configuration.c, file.c, log.c, midi.c, options.c,
printer.c, includes/file.h, includes/printer.h:
allow setting the output file for log, midi and printer and
special-case stdout/stderr:
- move file open / close with stdout/stderr checking from
log.c to file.c
- wrapper function which shortcircuits absolute path
function when filename is stdout/stderr
- use the new File_Open() and File_Close() functions in
log.c, midi.c and printer.c
Cleanup printer.c a bit:
- change functions to static
- replace "unsigned char" with Uint8
- remove redundant code

Get it here: