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SubjectFB Alpha Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/15/07 06:12 AM

Here's whatsnew:

-Added driver for Cotton (cotton, cottonj, cottonu)
-Added driver for Out Run (outrun, outrun1, outrun2, outrunb)
-Added driver for Passing Shot (passshot, passshta, passshtj)
-Added driver for Super Hang-On (shangon, shangon2, shangon3, shangnle)
-Added driver for Turbo Out Run (toutrun, toutrun2)
-Fixed a bug in the System 16 Sprite rendering [kev]
-Fixed a problem with memory card support
-Updated the region dips in the Battle Bakraid and Batrider drivers [BisonSAS]
-Forced the Battle Bakraid driver to use the Musashi 68K core [BisonSAS]
-Updated some unicode titles [BisonSAS]

Get it here: