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SubjectPinMAME32, PinMAMEW, & Visual PinMAME 1.55 & 1.55.001 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on03/31/07 06:12 AM

Here's whatsnew since 1.55:
PinMAME, PinMAME32 and Visual PinMAME 1.55.001 released!!!
It's just a bugfixed version of 1.55, just like six years ago. :)
The new BSMT sound was way too loud on some early Sega games, and
DCS sound wasn't working on some WMS games.
No new download links - use the same as before.

Here's whatsnew since 1.54:
Happy 6 Year Anniversary to PinMAME!!
It may not be much new stuff in this release, yet the updates are great!
Fully working and louder BSMT2000 chip emulation for DataEast, Stern, and Alvin G.
Improved Votrax speech chip emulation for Gottlieb & Taito
Sped-up AT91 emulation for later Stern games (Lord Of The Rings and beyond)
Correct sound emulation for Elvis (and possibly other Stern games)
GI string brightness level support for WPC games (phew, close call...)

Get it here: