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SubjectopenMSX 0.6.2 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on04/16/07 06:02 AM

Here's whatsnew:
This release contains several new features and many bug fixes and optimizations.

The main new feature is the addition of the video recorder. It enables you to
record videos, including sound, of what you are doing with your emulated MSX.
Thanks to the DosBox Team for their great ZMBV lossless video codec.

The most noticeable speed optimizations are in the rendering: the SDLGL-PP
renderer can be up to 50% faster and the SDL renderer is about 6% faster. If
you were having problems with speed, give this release a try.

The trainers that are shipped with openMSX are now a lot more user friendly. It
is possible to enable or disable individual cheats of a trained game.

Bug fixes in the PSG and SCC, as well as a new way of sample rate conversion,
result in the PSG and SCC sounding very much like the real MSX now.

New or improved emulator features:
- Video recording and improved sound recording (stutterless).
- SDLGL-PP renderer (OpenGL 2.0) can do hq and hqlite scaling in hardware.
- More usable trainers.
- Extended hot keys: you can now bind any host event to a TCL command, which
means you can e.g. let openMSX push the MSX F1 key if you press a certain
button on your PC game pad.
- Event recording and replaying (experimental for now: only available at
command line, recorded session starts when openMSX starts).
- Debugger now supports watchpoint regions.

MSX device support:
- V9990 enhancements: deinterlace, cursor Y position in overscan mode, huge
speed optimizations for P modes.
- SCC sound quality improvements (no more aliasing).
- Support for the Playball mapper (and samples).
- Fixed mirroring of some FDC registers and diskROMs.
- Dot matrix graphical printer emulation added (thanks to the blueMSX Team).
- Cassetteplayer recognizes end of tape and stops.
- Small bug fixes in various devices: MSX-Audio, V9990, VDP, SCC, PSG, TC8566AF.
- Various speed optimizations: VDP command engine, Z80, video rendering, V9990,
debugger response time in break mode.
- Added a few Arabic MSX machines, but note that they have not been verified
to be correct.

Build system, packaging, documentation:
- Added support for building an application folder on Mac OS X.
- Added support for building a universal binary for Mac OS X.
- HTML-ized the Console Command Reference and the diskmanipulator documentation.
There is now also linking to these new manuals, which improved the usefulness
of them a lot.
- Added a text document about how developers can control openMSX from their own
application: doc/openmsx-control-xml.txt.

And of course the usual various bug fixes.

Get it here: