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SubjectRe: What's remaining to be emulated? Reply to this message
Posted byPixelPerfect
Posted on04/26/07 03:41 PM

I have to agree. Most of the arcade games I remember are now emulated to near perfection. Some later stuff from a few years ago I'd casually play at the movie theater (the only place to find any type of arcade games now) like Virtua NBA, Soul Calibur II, and other Sega 3D games aren't emulated yet (or are they now?), but most everything from my youth is already done. I think System 16 was the last major hurdle of the old games from "way back when" for me. Maybe stuff like Time Traveler still hasn't been done, but I'm not sure how well that would translate emulated since the whole gimmick was the live action 3D hologram effect.

As far as consoles go, there are excellent emulators for every system except maybe the TurboGrafx-16. I think that's really the last one left.

> What classic titles aren't emulated now that you remember? With the encrypted
> Sega games and now the Model1/Model2 stuff coming to life many of my arcade
> dreams have been answered (or are current WIP).
> I do have a few things that aren't emulated that I'd love to see still,
> noteably:
> World Rally (I played this years ago)
> Starblade (3D layer is so needed)
> Winning Run (and Driver's Eyes which I played years ago - first polygon F1 game
> before Virtua Racing!)
> Buggy Boy (home versions were fun, never played the original)
> B.O.T.S.S. - Battle of the Solar System, a kind of polygon robot walker game I
> played in a service station ages and ages ago
> And on home console emulation, the SVP chip in Genesis/Megadrive Virtua Racing
> (as it looks dreadful on my TV and would be good to preserve it as it's got
> quirks the 32X version etc don't have - like hidden animals!)
> What else is currently unemulated from your past?

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