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SubjectI got it to work Reply to this message
Posted byMegaHurtz
Posted on05/01/07 03:12 PM

> alright!
> so i am doing some research here. i got my good ol' Hotrod controller sitting in
> my closet, cause i don't like sitting in front of my PC and playing Mame so much
> anymore
> (yeah i know, i have just shot myself in the foot with this crowd, heh)
> Anyway, i have an xbox and i wanna mod it and run Mame on it. Is there a way to
> hook up the hotrod to that and run it properly? The hotrod site says "we don't
> have an official suggestion" but i am willing for a "close-enough" if possible.
> i don't wanna shell out for an x-arcade when i already have an (in my opinion)
> superior stick.
> if anyone has any experience/ideas/suggestions of appropriate adapters, please
> share!! thank you.
> -r
> -r
> http://www.texturemonkey.com

I went through this a few years ago when I started messing around with emulators on my xbox. My solution wasn't perfect, but I think it would fall into your "close enough" category.

I already had a SmartJoy FRAG adapter to use a mouse and keyboard in fps games and figured it might work with the Hotrod too.

I remember I had to program in a profile for the Hotrod. That basicly consisted of figuring out what button on the Hotrod corresponded to what button on the keyboard and then mapping that keyboard button to a button on the xbox pad. It took a while to get it all figured out and set it up, but it worked without any problems after that.

However, I was never able to map the 2p controls on the Hotrod. This was a limitation of the SmartJoy FRAG adapter because it is only capable of mapping keyboard buttons to inputs on a single xbox controller. Maybe a p/s2 Y cable and another FRAG adapter would solve that problem, but I never tested it out.

This works for commercial games as well as all the emulators. At the time, none of the emus I tried supported usb keyboards by using a usb>xbox adapter (or the official PSO keyboard). I haven't updated any of the homebrew stuff in a while, but if some of the emus do support keyboards now, I think it might be possible to do a chain of p/s2>usb>xbox adapter.

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