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SubjectMEKA 0.72 WIP - 2007/05/08 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/08/07 06:43 PM

Here's whatsnew:
- Ports:
- Preliminary MacOSX port. [Proppy]
Compile and run under a x86-based MacOSX system. Missing sound (due
to Seal) and debugger (unknown problem to resolve).
Looking for someone who wish to improve and maintain this port.
- Blitter/Video:
- Fixed HQ2X stretched blitter when target output was not 16-bits. [Omar]
- Fixed TV Mode blitters broken since since switching to hi-color.
Implementation is slower than previously, but it works well. [Omar]
- Removed obsolete "scanlines" blitter, in favor of "tvmode". [Omar]
- Stretching works on all blitters. [Omar]
- Video depth, Vsync, Triple Buffering and Page flipping are now global
video settings, removed from each specific blitter. Greatly simplify
configuration and tweaking. [Omar]
- Triple buffering doesn't interfere with the refresh is not supported
by the current settings (eg: windowed mode), making it safe and more
simple to always leave it enabled. [Omar]
- CPU:
- Z80: Fixed RETI behavior (same as RETN, copying IFF2 to IFF1).
Fixes pausing in SMS Robocop 3 during legal screens/introduction,
probably other infrequent cases. [FluBBa, Omar]
- Z80: Accepting NMI doesn't copy IFF1 over IFF2, as suggested
by Sean Young's "The Undocumented Z80 Documented". [Omar]
- ColecoVision:
- Fixed emulation of pending NMI, pending flag is cleared when
reading VDP status. Fixes "Rock 'N Bolt" among other.
Thanks to the anonymous poster on SMS Power! forums. [Omar]
- Note that the compatibility list for ColecoVision titles is
severly outdated. At some point, James Carter worked on a new,
more accurate list, but I lost all contact with him.
- NES:
- Fixed video rendering, broken when switching to hi-color modes. [Omar]
- Added PRAM support in Memory Editor. [Omar]
- Added 8 palette switching in Tile Viewer. [Omar]
- Note: NES emulation is humor legacy code and won't be supported.
- GUI:
- Sorted default themes, removed non Sega 8-bit related themes.
- Now embedding background pictures in regular binary distribution.

Get it here: