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SubjectHatari 0.95 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/13/07 08:38 AM

Here's whatsnew:
This release brings you basic Atari TT and Falcon emulation! Please note that both new emulation modes are still highly experiemental,some few games and demos work, but most still have more or less big problems. Basic emulation of Falcon video shifter (Videl), NVRAM and DMA sound is in place. The biggest drawback: There is no working Falcon DSP emulation yet.

Other things that have been added / fixed:

- Screen/Shifter emulation timings have slightly been changed. Some things
now work better, some others work worse...

- Some patches for compiling on RiscOS and AmigaOS have been included.

- Compiling Hatari for Windows now works better.

- Added Hatari icon (hatari-icon.bmp).

- Fixed "movec" bug in 68020 CPU mode.

- Keyboard shortcuts for loading & saving memory snapshots (AltGr+k & AltGr+l).

- The built-in debugger has been slightly improved to be more user-friendly.

- Added "hmsa" tool - a little program for converting .MSA files to .ST and vice versa.

Get it here: