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SubjectHoxs Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on05/16/07 06:31 AM

Here's the complete whatsnew since

16 May 2007 v1.0.4.15
1) Fixed restore key freeze bug introduced in v1.0.4.12.

16 May 2007 v1.0.4.14
1) Added 25 pixel sprite feature used in the "Krestage 3" Demo by Crest. The demo will
now run unpatched.

2) Bug fix to broken sprite timing introduced in v1.0.4.12 that was noticed in the
"Royal Arte" Demo By Booze Design

15 May 2007 v1.0.4.13
1) Bug fix to Win9x file open/save dialogs introduced in v1.0.4.12.

Get it here: