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Subjectbsnes 0.20 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on06/03/07 05:43 AM

Here's whatsnew:
-Added blargg's new S-DSP emulator, runs at 1.024mhz. Many thanks to blargg for this, as this puts all portions of SNES emulation except for the S-PPU at bus-accuracy
-blargg's S-DSP core fixes bugs in both Koushien 2 (J) and Toy Story (U)
-Corrected all S-SMP cycle timings to be hardware accurate. Thanks to blargg for creating an amazing test ROM that tested every possible opcode
-Corrected S-CPU wai instruction timing, fixes Mortal Kombat II
-Reverted HDMA sync emulation once more to fix Breath of Fire II (G) and Secret of Mana (U)
-Completely rewrote user interface to use libui, which is a wrapper that allows the same code to produce the same UI on both Windows (through the Win32 API) and Linux (through the GTK+ API)
-Corrected $2100.d7 OAM reset behavior, thanks to research from anomie
-Massively revamped the Linux port, should compile with no warnings or errors now
-Added 64-bit support to libco, tested on FreeBSD/amd64, should work on Linux as well
-Revamped makefile with suggestions from Nach
-Improved Linux Xv renderer to use the far more common YUY2 format, which should work on most Xorg drivers, allowing hardware accelerated video scaling
-Completely rewrote config file system. bsnes.cfg is now saved to user's profile folder on both Windows and Linux, allowing multi-user support
-A lot more work has been done behind the scenes, including massive code cleanups and portability improvements

Get it here: