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SubjectNew iDeaS ( Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on06/06/07 11:33 AM


Here's the changelog:

* Added Backup Memory autodetection.
* Added R4DS/FAT emulation.(read only)
* Added GetPitchTable function.(experimental)
* Added GetSineTable function.
* Added Memory View in debugger.
* Added SRAM byte management.
* Fixed bug in size background in affine mode.
* Fixed bug in RTC management.
* Fixed bug in bitmap sprites.
* Fixed transparent direct color backgrounds.
* Fixed bug in generating save states routines.
* Fixed bug in EEPROM management.
* Fixed bug in GXFIFO register.
* Various speedups to emulation.

From my experience, the emu has improved alot. Far more stable. I've played a few games for almost an hour and had no crashes, in the last versions, they'd usually crash a few minutes into the game.
The speedups are quite noticeble too. The more demanding games are sure to be slow still, but a game like zookeeper for instance is a good benchmark. It went from about 35fps to 50-55fps.

It's nice to see that the NDS emus are getting constant updates. We might just have some near perfect emulation by next year.

All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.