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SubjectfMSX 3.3... Reply to this message
Posted byDeath Knight
Posted on06/11/07 11:42 AM


New in This Version

* Save state format has changed due to serious changes to the emulator architecture!
* Added OpZ80() function and the FAST_RDOP macro to the Z80 emulation to optimize code access in architectures with memory-mapped I/O.
* Added subslot support to all slots.
* Moved PAINTER.ROM to slot 0:1, FMPAC to slot 0:2, MSXDOS2.ROM to slot 3:0.
* Reduced the number of user cartridges back to two (A/B). All the other slots are taken by system cartridges (MSXDOS2, FMPAC, etc.).
* Locked user cartridges in slots 1/2 to subslot 0, as external cartridges often do not use subslots.
* If Konami's GMASTER2.ROM or GMASTER.ROM is present in the program directory, fMSX will now load it as a system cartridge.
* Fixed state file name autogeneration.
* Fixed -rom option behaviour.
* Fixed hangup when switching from MSX1 to MSX2 mode.
* Fixed MSXDOS2.ROM and FMPAC.ROM support.
* Fixed StateID() function to take all cartridges and system ROMs into account.
* Fixed non-working joystick autofire.
* Now checking joysticks and mice once per frame.
* Now accelerating horizontal mouse movement in 512-wide screen modes.
* Mouse buttons are now merged with joystick buttons.
* Fixed mouse-as-joystick option.
* Improved file type detection, now automatically detecting saved states, disk images, cartridge ROMs, fixed font files.
* Readded proper support for fixed text mode fonts with LoadFNT().
* Added proper emulation for the WD1793 FDC (WD1793.c).
* Added unified .FDI disk image support (FDIDisk.c).
* Added support for standard, SV738, Arabic, and Brazilian WD1793-based disk interfaces.
* Added support for GZIPped disk images.
* Made disk geometry discovery smarter (CP/M-80 v2.2 now boots).
* Moved 720kB floppy utilities (Floppy.c) and SCC sound chip emulation (SCC.c) into EMULib.
* Added command line option to patch DiskROM calls (-simbdos). With this option on, fMSX takes over DiskROM disk access routines. When -wd1793 is used, fMSX will simulate real WD1793 FDC instead.
* Rehashed built-in menu to make screen space for more options.
* Added menu options to select RAM and VRAM sizes, create new disk images, save disk images, patch DiskROM calls, load and use fixed text mode fonts.
* Added virtual keyboard to fMSX-Symbian, invoked by pressing [EDIT] or left [SHIFT] key. The keyboard can work in three modes: "Off", "Single Key Entry", and "Multiple Keys Entry".
* Finally fixed opendir() problem in EMULib-Symbian. All built-in menu file dialogs work now!
* Further extended and optimized Symbian screen rendering routines.
* Fixed and optimized TV scanline simulation in fMSX-Symbian.
* Made scanline effect stronger in fMSX-Symbian.
* Now saving RAM and VRAM size settings in fMSX-Symbian.
* fMSX-Symbian now uses true 512-wide display drivers for SCREEN6, SCREEN7, and TEXT80.
* fMSX-Symbian will now save printer output to E:\Others\fMSX\PRINTER.OUT.
* Renamed fMSX-Symbian binary and resource files to avoid name clash with fMSX/S60 port by Juha Riihimaki.
* Fixed mouse support in fMSX-MSDOS.

All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

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