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SubjectSF3 vs Garou Reply to this message
Posted byGila Monster
Posted on06/30/07 01:11 PM

having played cps3 emulation a bit i enjoyed all three versions of street fighter 3 but somehow wasn't impressed *that much* with the game itself. i loathe half of the character designs and ugly jungle/dnb "music".

is it me or garou on neogeo has better animation? any experts on that? just curious. and it seems that sf3 could easily be done on cps2 (except the zooming and couple of effects) if they would extend the graphic roms.

i remember one article saying that "the power of cps3 is demonstrated by character gill because the game doesn't flip his sprite", what a load of shit. that's just a pallette swap on a character when he changes the side.

i remember seeing some comparsion and tech data on cps2 and cps3, can anyone provide the link to that? also, what were the major advantages of cps3 over cps2?