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SubjectRe: Which is why MAME sometimes pisses me off... Reply to this message
Posted byjdurgi
Posted on07/06/07 03:51 PM

> Perfect emulation accuracy always trumps playability.
> I understand and accept that the goal of the project lies in preservation, but
> it still pisses me off sometimes that pushing the games to a playable state is
> so low on some of the dev's priorities.
> What's the fun in preserving if you can't just enjoy the fun the games provide,
> hassle free?
> And please, don't make this into a flame war, i'm just voicing my oppinion, i
> aprecciate and am gratefull to all the team has accomplished in all these long
> years i've been around, but MAME really has lost it's glamour for me.
> All work and no play makes me..., well, you know the rest.

Yeah, but it's open source so one can always use the source to compile their own emulator and remove the cd loading if they wanted to. That's the beauty of MAME. While at times it sucks when accuracy trumps playability, you've always got access to the source code so you can always modify it to suit your needs.

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