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SubjectRaine 0.50.5 Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/07/07 10:02 AM

Here's whatsnew:

* Fixes pulirula which could not be loaded, and add the long forgoten
rotating layer to it - still some video priorities problems, but they
would require a priority bitmap to be fixed, and it would be too much
trouble to add this to the taito_f2 driver for now...
By the way, pulirulj (the japenese set) is removed and replaced by a
romswitch to select the country.
* The gui controls which used some modifiers were trigered when pressing the
key alone (ie pressing ENTER was trigering the control CTRL+Enter to
switch fullscreen mode).
* Hiscores are now preserved when loading a savegame (which allows to load
old savegames without trashing the hiscores). Be carefull though, it works
only for the games which use hiscore.dat, it doesn't work for the ones
which use an eprom for their scores (like battle bakraid for example).
* Scanlines :
- Fixed a buffer overflow for fullheight scanlines when the video
resolution is bigger than the game screen * 2
- Fixed updates of the video screen when using scanlines on a double
buffered screen (which is usually the case in ms windows fullscreen
- Changed the video options dialog to display scanlines options only when
not using overlays. Scanlines can't work with overlays because they
require lines with a height of exactly 1 pixel, which is impossible to
achieve with overlays. You have to explicitly force normal blits if you
really want to have scanlines and your video hardware supports overlays.

Get it here: