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SubjectARAnyM 0.9.5 beta Reply to this message
Posted byTrebor
Posted on07/11/07 06:04 AM

Here's whatsnew:
This version brings major speed up of the MMU version thanks to contribution
of Roman Zippel and also many improvements for Mac OS X as well as bunch of
smaller fixes at many places by dedicated ARAnyM developers.

o OpenGL fixes: mouse cursor, alpha channel on big-endian machines
o OpenGL is loaded dynamically now (requires SDL 1.2.10 or newer)
o new project file for Xcode 2.x used to build Universal binaries of MacAranym
o JITc for Solaris x86
o MMU translation cache for major speed up of the MMU mode (now almost
comparable with non-MMU mode - 3 GHz host CPU outperforms 100 MHz 68060!)
o HostFS symlink fix
o new TOS patches and VIDEO SETUP dialogs. Most of the settings require
reboot to take effect.
o VIDEL refresh was wrong, now fixed and configurable on-the-fly in SETUP
o TV/VGA switch was wrong, now fixed and configurable in the SETUP
o small CPU bitfield insn fix, FPU sin/cos fix, VIDEL ST-Shifter fix,
nfVDI mfdb.fd_stand fix, TOS bconout redir fix...
o many other build system fixes

Get it here: